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About Our Puppies

Limited and Full Registration

Creasman Canine's ONLY OFFERS Limited Registration to every puppy buyer (Doberman or Dalmatian). However, we will CONSIDER Full Registration should you request it. This will only be given if we deem fit to do so, and you meet our expectations/requirements. This will be based on several different factors.

Please note: Full Registration costs extra.


We give registration papers with every puppy, even if you do not desire to have them. By registering your dog, this will show that ownership has been transferred to you and that the dog lives with you (not me). This also shows proof of where the dog came from. We encourage you to fill out the registration application given at the time of sell, or go online to complete the application process, so that the dog can be put in your name and registered to you as the new owner. If you need assistance with this process, you may contact us within reasonable hours and we can help you.


Deposits / Waitlist

Deposits are $500. Your deposit is to reserve a puppy. 

This goes towards the total purchase price.

In order to be on our waitlist, a deposit is required. 

Deposits placed have 1st priority and will go in the order in which deposits are received, whether we have a waitlist or not. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee of sex, color, or the number of puppies we will have even if an ultrasound is performed, as ultrasounds are unpredictable. We can write down your preferences of what you want if it is available, but if it is not, you can move your deposit to the next available litter or settle for your choice of what we do have left available (male or female). IF you decide to move your deposit to the next available litter, please understand, you are choosing to lose your current deposit place in line if a new waitlist has already been started with people already on it. You will fall behind whoever is in front of you that has already placed their deposit for that particular litter. Please be certain of your decision to 1) get a puppy 2) place a deposit and 3) be open to something else if your choice is not available, because 


We do our very best to be fair to everyone and offer more than one way to get what you desire. 


Please also keep in mind that the puppies are chosen in the order in which deposits are received for males and for females. Meaning, if you are the 1st to place a deposit for a male, you will get 1st pick for a male when it is time. The same goes for a female, and so on down the line. For our Dobermans, sometimes we let people pick the puppy of their choice once the puppies have turned 4 weeks old. This is because they have set colors, but we may wait until 6 weeks old. This depends on a couple of factors. For our Dalmatians, we let people pick the puppy of their choice once all the testing results have came back for HUA/LUA & BAER, which is usually both completed by 6 weeks old or sooner, but sometimes this can be delayed, which may push the pick date and go home date out-hence the reason they must be 8-10 weeks old for their go home date. We want you to be fully positive with your choice. Dobermans and Dalmatians must stay with us until they are 8+ weeks old. 

We do sell to people all over the U.S. Because of this, the order of deposits received, and the age of the puppy, sometimes you may have to pick your puppy from photos and videos rather than in person. Or if you're the last to place a deposit, you will get the remaining unpicked lucky puppy! You may have people in line in front of you or behind you waiting to choose. Not everyone lives close enough to come by and personally pick the puppy of their choice, but if the puppy is of age to allow visitors and we are able to offer this option with that litter, you're more than welcome to. Every litter is different with different circumstances. We try to make this process as swift and easy as possible because we know you are anxious to find out which one will be yours, but PLEASE be patient and respectful of the time it takes for someone to choose their puppy before it is your turn. Thank you!



You are welcome to use any method listed below under "Payments" to pay any amount on your balance at any time prior to picking up your puppy, or you may wait and pay your balance in full at pickup. This is up to you, however, ANY and ALL remaining balances must be paid in cash at pickup. If you prefer to pay your remaining balance a different way other than cash, via one of the options below under "Payments", your balance must be paid at least 3 days prior to pick up so that I have time to make sure everything clears and processes correctly. This is just a precautionary measure (incase something goes wrong with the app, and because we do not leave money in our app accounts. Money is always transferred to our bank and this can sometimes take up to 3 days to clear), as we cannot allow you to leave with your puppy without your balance paid in full. If paying your balance in cash, please keep in mind that most banks are closed on weekends, ATMs only allow you to withdraw a certain amount, and most pickups usually occur on weekends, so please plan your withdrawals accordingly before pickup. 



We accept Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, Checks.

Checks are accepted for deposits ONLY! We ONLY accept checks by trusted parties/people we deem fit to trust.

We understand not everyone who buys from us is computer literate or tech savvy. 

All checks for deposits must clear the bank before your puppy will be reserved.

We do NOT accept Western Union or Money Orders. I just don't want to deal with that.

I also no longer accept PayPal due to their fees. I do not like charging customers fees.


Venmo and Cash App only give me 2 options when receiving money. 1 being "INSTANT transfer" to my bank for a FEE, and 2 being "FREE transfer" in 1-3 business days. If you choose to pay via Venmo or Cash App, and I have to use the "INSTANT transfer" option, you will be required to include the "INSTANT transfer fee" either in your payment or at pickup in cash. For example: you want to pay for and pick up your puppy the same day, OR it is a weekend day, and you can't get to the ATM, your bank isn't open, the ATM won't let you pull that much out, or you don't want to use cash. I don't know what the fee will be on the amount you send until I go to transfer it to my bank, but I'm assuming it should never be more than $15, and that amount is usually only for higher amounts sent. I will give you back the difference if you send a fee amount and ended up paying more than it actually costed.

WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS (except for the fees mentioned above)! ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!


Current Pricing

Please make sure to check on our available puppies page to see if we are offering reduced/discounted prices on our litters. Unless otherwise specified, these are our regular, normal prices. WE HAVE NOT INCREASED OUR PRICES due to the rising costs in our economy. OUR PRICES REMAIN THE SAME, even though it costs us more to raise them now. 

However, please note: All pricing below is subject to change at any time, for any reason, and also depends on the parents used (based on health testing and pedigrees). We do not base our prices on sex or color.


Deposits: $500 per puppy (Doberman or Dalmatian).

Doberman Pinschers: AKC American/European $2000, AKC European $2500.

Dalmatians: AKC Hyperuricosuria (HUA) $1200, AKC Heterozygous LUA (Low Uric Acid) $1500, AKC Homozygous LUA (Low Uric Acid) $1800.

Full Registration: $500 extra. Please visit the section "Limited & Full Registration" on "this page" for more information.

We DO NOT offer CKC Doberman Pinschers or Dalmatians. 




1) We offer a maximum of 10% discounts for repeat customers, and or people currently in or retired from the Military. 

Must show active Military ID or Veterans Card.

2) Recommendations earn you $200 off your puppy's final balance. Both parties must purchase a puppy from me in order for the person doing the recommending to receive the $200 discount. You must also tell me the name of the person you are recommending/sending my way, and in return the person being recommended must tell me who sent them. If that person also wants $200 off their final balance, all they have to do is recommend someone else in the exact same way. It's that simple! 

This offer cannot be used more than once, per litter, per person.


Delivery & Pickup

We personally deliver our puppies by car, to you, either halfway or all the way. We usually meet in a well-lit area that is open to the public 24/7, such as a Wal-Mart or a Loves or Pilot Gas Station, or we can deliver to your home. This is your choice. We enjoy meeting our customers!

We will select a date and time convenient for both parties.

Upon leaving, we give an estimated arrival time, and we update along the way with our progress and pictures of your precious puppy.

We make frequent stops for bathroom breaks, to stretch and exercise, change bedding if needed, and so the puppy can eat and drink.

Your puppy is never left unattended, will ride in a climate-controlled vehicle, and will sit in a roomy crate or in our lap if needed.

There won't be loud noises or a stressful environment.

Our goal is to get to you as quickly and safely as possible. By personally delivering your puppy, we can guarantee their safety and well-being!

Please note:

If we are meeting somewhere, we expect you to update us if you encounter an issue that will make you late picking up your puppy, just as we will do for you should an issue arise. We understand that things can happen, but we will only wait for up to 1hr. before heading back without charging you if you can provide proof that you had a legitimate reason to be late to our scheduled appointment time (such as a fender bender, a flat tire, you got pulled over, etc..). If you cannot provide proof of a legitimate reason, but still request us to wait on you, we will be forced to charge a waiting fee of $25 for every 30min. that passes by until you arrive, not to exceed 2hrs. This fee will have to be paid before you will be allowed to leave with the puppy. If you are a no-show after 2hrs., or don't return our calls or messages, we will have no other choice than to leave with the puppy and we will not entertain further conversation or business with you. NO REFUNDS will be given. All meeting times are based on Alabama's Central Time/Central Standard Time (CDT/CST-slow time). No matter what time zone you are in, if your clock is different from mine, we will go on MY time. 

We have satisfied customers from all over the United States and can provide references if needed.

Please call or text for a delivery fee quote. Price and availability depend on your location.

1 - (256) 254 - 9875


Here's how delivery basics work: When we deliver, we require your deposit for the puppy PLUS your delivery fee up front.  WE DO NOT deliver puppies without the delivery fee paid prior to delivery. If you cannot pay the deposit and the delivery fee at the same time, you can choose to pay the delivery fee separately, as long as it is paid prior to delivery and has time to clear the bank. The rest of the money you owe towards the puppy is not due until pickup unless you choose to pay prior. We will give confirmation of payment after we receive it via screenshot. In order for the transaction of the puppy and delivery to be fully complete, I must transfer the money to my bank (if not sending by Zelle) and it clear the bank before the puppy can be reserved and before it can be let go to the new owner. I do not leave money sitting in my app accounts in case I am somehow hacked or there is a glitch in the system. We determine our delivery fee based on location, mileage, current price of gas, and our time. We cannot give specific delivery prices because we never know where we will be delivering to. We deliver to anywhere in the United States only. We are NOT currently offering puppies to be flown anywhere. Only ground transportation by Creasman Canine's personally. Should this option become available in the future, we will let everyone know.


If you are coming here to pick up your puppy and delivery is not needed, this option is FREE, and your puppy is scheduled to go home by 8 weeks, unless otherwise specified (for example: the puppy has to stay with me longer due to having the ears cropped, or I feel the puppy needs to grow more before leaving, etc..). Please make arrangements with your schedule to be able to arrive by their go home date. I will be getting with everyone who has purchased a puppy, prior to them going home, to set a good date and time convenient for us both. The puppies will not be allowed to go home prior to 8 weeks. You must pick up your puppy within 7 days of their go home date. If you cannot make this date, you must let me know in advance if we have made previous arrangements that you can no longer keep. There will be a "$20 holding fee" for "every day" the puppy stays with me past the 7-day mark. 


Take-Home Starter Kit

Each puppy sold will come with a FULL take-home starter kit (bag) with all the things you'll need to get you started, and to help with the journey ride home. Items included are: 

Blanket, Toy, Shampoo, Leash, Collar (will already be on the puppy), Treats, Food/Water Bowl, Water Bottle, Enough food of what the puppy is currently eating to get you through a few days, and Puppy Pads. 



About Ear Cropping



(You may choose to go with whichever vet you prefer. All puppies leave our care with natural ears unless you choose to go through us for your cropping needs).


PLEASE NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY, my vet has decided to no longer offer ear cropping services. This is a complete shock to me as I have always went here to have ear cropping done. I have deleted my previous information about our ear cropping process, until I can find a new vet to perform this procedure. As far as I am aware of, there are no other vets locally to me that offer this service, which means traveling farther away if I do find one, and hope they charge around the same amount. I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for anyone looking to get a cropped Doberman puppy from us, but I will do my best to offer this service again when or if I am still able to do so. In the meantime, ask your vet or any local vet around your area if they offer ear cropping services. If they don't, you may have to look for vets that are further out, such as 1-2hrs away, as will I. Many vets still offer this service, but just the same, many vets are opting out of this procedure because it is not necessary. It is purely for cosmetic reasons and personal preference, so it is becoming harder to find a vet to perform these services, and those that do charge a fortune. Please do your research to see which is the best option for you! Again, I am very sorry, as this is out of my control, and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your patience.



You Will Also Receive A Folder Containing the Following

AKC Registration Papers, Fetch-ID Microchip registration using nanoCHIP, Litter Certificate which contains a combined Pedigree of Mom and Dad, "Free" AKC 30 Days of Insurance, Information specifically tailored to Dobermans or Dalmatian's to help you learn more about the breed and to help you get acquainted well with your new family member. You will also get a Vaccination/Worming Record, a Purchasing Agreement, and a Health Guarantee (which you will be required to sign). You will have a copy and I will have a copy. Please visit the tab, "Paperwork" to preview an example of these papers. 

For our Dalmatians specifically, you will also get a copy of the puppy's Hyperuricosuria test results (HUA/LUA) from GenSol, and a paper containing your puppy's BAER (hearing) test results from our vet. You will also get an OFA form that is signed by the vet who performed the BAER (hearing) test, that you can submit to OFA.

As always, you can look at the full Pedigrees and or Genetic Health Testing results to your puppy's parents at any time, by clicking on the tab "Our Dogs".


What We Feed Our Dogs/Puppies

We feed our puppies and adult dogs, Diamond dog food. Specifically, the Diamond Performance (black and purple bag) when we can get it available. We do our very best to stick with Diamond dog food. You can find this food online and in store at Chewy, Tractor Supply, and other feed stores. Before COVID and the economy shot up in price with everything, this food used to be around $35 or less. NOW, this food usually runs around $46 +/- for a 40lb. bag. This food is formulated for highly active dogs and is an excellent choice for puppies, pregnant and or nursing adult dogs. It is great for all life-stages and all breed sizes, which means you never have to change their food! It is 30% protein and 20% fat and is made in the USA. We let our dogs/puppy's free feed, so they eat as much as they want as often as they want. They actually eat less this way because they snack throughout the day, so their tummies stay fuller and they do not gorge. Our dogs/puppies LOVE it, and they look great on it. Another great option is the Diamond Puppy. It is nearly the exact same food, but has 31% protein. All Diamond brand dog foods we have found are great for either breed, but PLEASE, due to DCM being an issue for both of these breeds, DO NOT feed ANY BRAND of dog food that is GRAIN FREE to your puppy/dog. Grain free dog foods can cause DCM or make DCM matters worse. Another great food is the Purina One True Instinct. This is a wonderful high protein dog food that is also excellent for Dobermans or Dalmatians, and they love the meaty chunks. We used to feed this but with the skyrocketed price in dog foods, we try to choose a great dog food brand while still remaining at a decent price for us and for our customers should they choose to keep their dog on the same brand. Victor is also another great brand for a lot of people, but for us it has not been successful.


Each Puppy Will Be

Microchipped through Fetch-ID with nanoCHIP, and UTD on Vaccinations and Wormer (according to present age). 

We vaccinate at 6, 8 or 9, and 12 weeks of age if the puppies are still with us.

We worm at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. Again at 12 and 16 wks if the puppy is still with us.  

Our Doberman Pinschers will have their tail docked and dewclaws removed on day 3-5 after birth.

Our Dalmatians will be tested for Hyperuricosuria (HUA) (Uric Acid Test). We like to do this by 3-4 weeks of age. This test is done through GenSol. It is a cheek swab test and has to be sent off. Once the test is received at the facility, results are expected back within 24-48hrs. 

Our Dalmatians will also be BAER tested (Hearing Test), done at 5 or 6 weeks of age. Results are given the same day testing is done and you will get an OFA paper that you can submit to them the results of the BAER (hearing) test. 


Each Week

As a courtesy to you, we take updated photos and videos for your viewing pleasure, so that you can see how the puppies are doing, growing, and changing each week! This is a time-consuming process and gets more difficult to do with each passing week, especially with larger litters, but we love coming up with new backgrounds and poses and showing you all those cute little faces. I am a little OCD when it comes to the pictures, so I try to make them as perfect as possible (which is one reason it takes longer lol). I have a very busy schedule, and when my husband is home from on the road I like to spend as much time as I can with him before he leaves back out again, so sometimes I get behind on posting pictures and videos, but it is never more than 2-3 days unless I have something really important keeping me from doing so (like a surgery or death, etc..). I try to be on time every week though, so please bear with me if you don't see updates right on time. We use Facebook a lot for our updates, so please check there often for useful information, pictures and videos. 



Visitors are welcome by Appointment ONLY! However, the puppies must be 6 weeks old and have already had their 1st set of shots before being allowed to be visited or handled for health and safety precautions! We are VERY meticulous, careful, and cautious about other animals and people being around our litters. Parvo is easily tracked on clothing and shoes and can stick around for quite some time. The HEALTH and SAFETY of our animals come first! We are also more than happy to let you pick out your puppy in person if you live close enough where you are able to do so, so long as the conditions above are met first! Thank you for understanding! I am, however, more than happy to do a video call with you on Facebook Messenger or if you have video calling with a Samsung/Android capable device in the meantime! We could set up a time convenient for us both!


We proudly use nanoCHIP through Fetch-ID for microchipping all of our puppies, but we are looking into possibly using Fi Nano in the future. We proudly use GenSol Diagnostics for our genetic testing needs associated with our Dalmatians for Hyperuricosuria (HU).

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